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What We do

ThinkAboutTeaching connects TEFL teachers and students from around the globe. Student ability levels range from beginner to advance.

Students can be as young as 4 years old and show a lot of enthusiasm to learn new words.

Improve your students speaking, reading and writing skills with fun filled lessons.

Lessons are intensive and dynamic ensuring students reach their career goals.

Tools and Tips For Your Lessons

The desire for learning English is at an all time high in some countries and we will help you reach your potential and earn a great living from online teaching.

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about Our Difference

What We Do

ThinkAboutTeaching has a network of agents in Asia ready to market your teachers profile to ready and willing students.

Flexible working hours

Teach in the comfort your home

Wide range of teaching opportunites

Increased earning potential


Lesson Management

Student lessons are logged on to a simple and easy to use platform which will simplify the management of your lessons.

Access from anywhere with an internet connection

Lesson calendar supports multiple timezones

Automated lesson reminders

Lesson schedule confirmation emails

English Our Difference

Why Study Online?

Students studying with ThinkAboutTeaching will have access to the best TEFL teachers on the internet.

Lessons range from 30 minutes to 1-hour

Study at home, in a coffee shop or in a library.

Tell your teacher what you want to study

Flexible lesson payment plans


Student Counselors

Our student counselors are based in the country of the students. They are available 7 days a week to assist students and help them reach their goals.

Students are matched with the right teacher

On hand to assist with student care

Help students plan their goals

Encourage lesson renewals


How we do it

Teachers are offered a range of materials and resources which can be used in your daily lessons to ensure lessons are educational and enjoyable.

Live teacher training lessons

Prerecorded teacher training lessons

Lesson material pack

Lesson plan resources

process Your Teaching Journey

How It Works?

ThinkAboutTeaching will give you the platform, support and resources to become a successful online teacher. Follow our simple sign up form to start your journey.

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State your experience to date and don't worry if this is your first time to teach English.


Complete Profile

Complete a teacher profile. Focus on your skills and how you can use these to be the best teacher.


Trial Lesson

For every new student, you will teach a 30-minute trial lesson to make sure you're both a good match.


Ready To Teach

Build a timetable of students working the hours you're available.

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